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Sometime ago I was diagnosed with MS. The doctors elected to kill my immune system but I refused. A friend of mine reccommended Johnny and after some tests it appears that I have autoimmunity. he prescribed for me 2 formulas and they worked right away.
I feel much clearer in the head I'm not as cranky as I was my ankles aren't swelling like they were the anxiety has settled down no more heartburn or stomach burning my arm spasms are minimal after using them and my headaches are at a low so maybe 1 to 2 a week not 5 a week. And energy is awesome no sluggish lethargic.
Date of Posting: 22 December 2018
Posted By: K.P.
NSW Weston
"After years of feeling very unwell and spending a vast sum of time and money seeking help from various medical specialists, I was told that all of my tests were "within normal limits" and perhaps I should just focus on relaxing, eating better, and losing some weight.
As a university qualified registered nurse, I knew something was not right about how I was feeling and so I sought someone who would listen. A friend referred me to Johnny and after providing him with an extensive medical history, he determined that I had an autoimmune condition and chronic inflammation, all within my first visit. Extensive testing confirmed this and also uncovered further issues of concern. Within a month I was referred to an Oncologist and Gastrologist who upon seeing my test results from Johnny, sat bolt upright as NOW they were concerned. Fortunately no current malignancy was found, but I have an extensive array of cysts/tumours and excessive inflammation that is affecting the function of multiple body systems. I am confident that without my urge to follow my gut instincts and the insightfulness of Johnny's experience, my body would have continued the inflammation and cysts and I would have been walking away from these specialists with a much sinister result within 3 years.
I have been taking Johnny's suggested protocol for 5 weeks now and have noticed a marked improvement in my fatigue, fibromyalgic pain, sleep quality, menstrual cycle, and hormonal balance. As a medical professional I was sceptical about any 'outside' opinions or treatments, however Johnny really listened and provided me with a plethora of academic research articles that supported his take on my particular case. These and the test results really helped me confirm that what he does is most certainly clinically determined. I am very lucky to have been sent his way."
Date of Posting: 14 December 2018
Posted By: K.B.
Brisbane Qld
I'm feeling amazing!! In fact the best I've felt in many years.
Secret? I was referred to Johnny Atman, who ran a variety of biological tests, then following the outcome, provided specific supplements my body was lacking. I'm not sure I've ever felt better! And I mean drastically better! My x2 daily desperate need for a nap is gone :) In my case, my thyroids are no longer swollen (despite tests showing I was just inside the 'range', my current GP, nor the previous one were concerned enough to suggest anything for improvement).

When I told my GP how good I was feeling after a week on the supplements, there was essentially no response, no interest.... despite uncertainties about diagnosis and potentially harmful treatments still prescribed years later...

I have energy!! I feel light & happy :) I can breath easy & speak clearly. I'm actually hopeful and happy that I'll be able to take on the challenges that lay ahead.

I highly recommend giving Johnny Atman a go if you feel like something just isn't right and you're not functioning at your best.
Date of Posting: 04 December 2018
Posted By: Peta
For many years I was going along with medical treatments of different conditions and only getting worse; thought there must be another way. The last straw was when i went to the doctors for sleep problems only to get offered Sleeping tablets, that only half did the job anyway. I wanted to know why i couldn't sleep and there was no answer just take a sleeping pill. Anyway I developed
Chronic insomnia. No sleep at all night after night. After finally finding Johnny Atman and telling him my issues I was pleasantly surprised at the knowledge he had and the way that he really listened. He sent me for many many test and when tests came back, he sat and explained all results.He gave me lots of herbs that has finally helped me to get sleep once again. He is still working on lots of issues with me.All the tests he does is so different to what doctors an specialists; the eye opener was the thyroid tests doctors do that come out ok and they say nothings wrong. When Johnny tests for thyroid with Reverse T3 and it shows something else; he knows the full story. He looks for the WHY of illness. Im very happy with the treatment so far and look forward to feeling well again. So if you need answers and doctors aren't giving you any, give Johnny a go. He cares, he is always there to listen and goes out of his way to help.
Date of Posting: 28 September 2018
Posted By: C.W
Burpengary Qld
My father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s about 15 years ago. He was prescribed the antipsychotic drug Risperidone by his GP in order to 'keep him under control'. It soon became obvious that the GP had no idea about geriatric medicine, didn't know the variety of ways to treat this mental illness (other than experimenting with the blending of drugs and chemicals) and showed very little care or respect for father’s dignity. Needless to say, I removed my father from the care of his long term GP.
Dad became a resident of a local Care Facility Dementia ward on the 11/ 02/2015 and then fell under the care of another local GP. In October of that same year I met Johnny at a mutual friend’s wedding. After a couple of discussions with Johnny and a time frame of six months, I had dad's bloods done and then started him on supplements blended specifically for him, by Your Solution Compounding Pharmacy in Brendale.
Why did I hold off for six months? The answer is simple; because I was skeptical and scared and I didn’t want to do anything ‘different’ because it might harm my father or bring ridicule upon me.
As it was, an enrolled nurse showed obvious disdain for the way I had chosen to care for my father’s mental health (she didn’t like the way the capsules smelled) and the GP he was under at the Nursing Home never cooperated with Johnny’s requests. The GP also openly eye-rolled me about dad’s supplements and questioned the fortnightly B12 injections, instead of monthly. That was the total of things needed to keep my father calm and free from anxiety: Six capsules a day and a fortnightly B12 injection.
Before taking the supplements dad was down to remembering and writing the first four letters in his surname (which is 10 letters long). After about two month, dad’s memory had improved so much that he was able to writing down eight letters of the ten! He also started to initiate conversations and reply to questions which was something he hadn't done for years!
Twelve weeks after starting the supplements I had a meeting with the head of nursing and the diversional therapist at the care facility. I wanted to know how things were going with dad from their point of view and if they had noticed any improvement in my father’s state of mind like I had. The very first thing the Head of Nursing said to me was how my father was upsetting one or two of their care staff. I was obviously concerned about this. Up until 12 weeks earlier, Dad had been a very obliging resident in the ward, doing everything asked of him and generally causing no concern, shuffling around in his own world and obeying their every request. Now, things had changed, he was making up his own mind as to whether or not he wanted to do as they requested and started speaking his mind a little more. That made me cry, as THAT was EXACTLY was who my father was.
Just before Christmas 2017, the enrolled nurse whom I mentioned earlier, contacted me to tell me that my father’s supplements had completely run out. I was speechless. If they were medications for any chemical drug, running them down to nothing would never have happened, but this was the situation I found myself and my father in. It took a month for me to organise a prescription from Johnny and get the supplements back into his system.
In that month my father’s state of mind swiftly went downhill. The poor darling couldn’t even put two words together that made sense, was struggling to move and was obviously failing to comprehend what was going on around him.
In hindsight, the situation was a blessing in disguise. The care facility staff (including the EN) now saw for themselves the difference in my father WITHOUT the supplements and all could now appreciate that I had made the right call in the treatment of my father’s mental health. At this time dad’s GP left and he is now under the care of another. The care facility management is now fully aware that if this situation or any situation occurs again, because a staff member doesn’t agree with the choices I have made about caring for the mental health of my father, I will be contacting the Health Ombudsman and making a formal complaint against the facility and any staff involved.
If you have any further questions about my experience with Johnny and what he does, please feel free to contact Johnny and he will forward my contact details on.
I thank God I was brave enough to step out of my comfort zone and trust Johnny, as dad turned 93 in January 2018 and he is happy and healthy.
Date of Posting: 03 February 2018
Posted By: A. S.

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