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" I was referred to Johnny Atman from a good friend who's passion is mental health education and wellness, after I told her of the struggle I was on with anti depressants and other labels for medical conditions, Since that initial meeting it was identified I required a test for pyrolle disorder which later tested positive I never heard of it before. It confirmed a lot of habits symptoms that iI had or labels given to me by my doctors and specialists in the past, but normal GP's only treat the symptoms and not the root cause. Johnny recommended a strategy that my body was naturally deprived of zinc and other proteins, and I noticed changes in motivation , clearer thinking , and better problem solving skills. It was a catalyst that I stopped taking Cymbalta which I was on a high dose 120 mg cold, 75 days ago. That's not an easy thing to do, considering if I stop taking them or missed a dose I experienced Migraines, Brain zaps and felt mentally spaced out, I could not function day to day. Mr GP was very impressed that I needed a low dose. The truth is as of 21/7/2017 I have been off Cymbalta cold for 75 days. It was a game changer for me, now I need to work on bugs in my gut and my teeth from the damage Cymbalta did. My advice whatever mental health condition you have , if you feel you are on meds and feel the meds are dumbing you down , or not improving your life outlook,or have a gut feeling something is not right, don't ignore that gut feeling, make a appointment to see Mr Johnny, he knows his stuff at a genetic / cellar level of issues in your body" .
Date of Posting: 21 July 2017
Posted By: S.O.
Gold Coast
Does anyone know why it means to feel like you were just hit by a bus? Can someone understand the awful feeling that all your beautiful, normal life is crumbling, that you are loosing fast one of the most precious think in your life and you can’t do much about it but watch and suffer and follow instructions without sense? Although it is extremely hard to express the real immense shock/horror feeling, this is close to how I felt one evening in march 2017.

My son D who is in his early 20s, who grow up as normal as possible, enjoying life, studying hard to become a doctor came home one evening confused, agitated and extremely psychotic. It lasted 3 hours, and he returned to normal. All medical investigations appeared to be normal, no drugs involved, no past family history of mental illness. This episode repeated in 6 weeks, only this time he deteriorated and ended up in a mental hospital for weeks. He could not sleep for almost 2 weeks, at all, despite being treated with maximum doses of sedatives and antipsychotics. At this point I was told there is nothing to be done, just start the treatment for mental illness and accept the fact that there is no cause or cure for such condition, and he will have this diagnostic for the rest of his life. I can not accept such theory. No cause? No cure? I'm a health practitioner myself and this theory just sounded unbelievable. After some search outside the box, I learned of Orthomolecular treatments, an approach that looks at the individual as a whole, and this is how I found about Johnny and The Brisbane North Orthomolecular Clinic.

When I first spoke to Johnny Atman, I found hope again, I found answers to many unanswered questions by main stream psychiatric doctors, and this approach to treat deficiencies and toxicity in order to restore health made a lot of sense. Immediately we started to supplement my son with vitamins and minerals. It was difficult to do any investigations as he was kept in this hospital under treatment order with no rights. We had no right to do a blood test, no right to do an MRI or EEG, or a hair analyses, as all this “may disturb him further”. However, the doctors pushed for 12 ECT treatments under general anaesthetic, which only God knows how we managed to avoid. Going to court knowing that he has no rights to decide treatment for himself, and family has no rights to refuse or choose his treatment was one of the frightening experiences of our life.

Thanks to Johhny and his knowledge , today my son is on the road to recovery. As soon as he showed signs of improvement, he was sent home and we started extensive investigations, treatment tailored to his particular deficiencies and toxicity, and the results are amazing. As the psychiatrist herself stated, he is recovering “miraculously”. We found out that my son had been deficient in many essential minerals involved in regulation of neurotransmitters, he had oxidative stress and genetic tendencies to slow detoxification.

As a health practitioner myself, from the medical point of view i found this experience disheartening. It is sad to see that this days medicine rely on toxic medication to mask the symptoms, and further damage the body. It feels like there is no desire to find the cause of altered health conditions, nor to search for cures, but heavy medicated with toxic pills and barbaric approaches such as ECT. We need more people like Johnny Atman who are truly interested to find the cause and treat underlining conditions in order restore health.

I know for sure deep in my heart that the treatments recommended by Johnny Atman are improving my son’s health overall, and not only he feels better, but he is able to return to school, to work and have a normal life again. We are forever grateful to have come in contact with Brisbane North Orthomolecular Clinic. Highly recommend to all who want to heal their body and mind.

Kind regards,
Simone from Melbourne
Date of Posting: 03 July 2017
Posted By: S.L.
Melbourne, Vic
When I first contacted Johnny I was, I guess like many others suffering the effects of imbalanced Brain and Body chemistry, trying one treatment after another sometimes with minor improvement other times with little to no effect except the effect on my bank balance.

After extensive testing including blood, urine, stool, saliva and hair tests to discover the nature of, if any imbalances in my body chemistry. We discovered that I was under-methylated with an overload of copper and had elevated Heavy Metals including Lead and Mercury.

Since starting Johnny’s treatment protocol my physical and mental health has improved considerably. Long term Anxiety and OCD tendencies have decreased by probably 70% while my concentration and memory have both markedly improved. It is a wonderful feeling to feel relaxed and in control of your thoughts and emotions after years of turbulence.

Aside from the wonderful benefits of improved brain chemistry there have also been some surprising and unexpected physical health benefits that have come about as a result of Johnny’s treatment protocol. Rheumatoid Arthritis which I had reduced in intensity by 60-70% thorough diet and lifestyle changes has now been reduced in intensity to the point where I have 2-3 week periods with no symptoms at all! When I do have a flare up of Arthritis symptoms the intensity of symptoms is less than 5% of the intensity levels prior to starting Johnny’s protocol. Joints in my Hands and Feet that I was told were irreversibly damaged by a Rheumatologist have started to repair and some have gained back full function. While some stiffness remains at times, the pain is gone!

A couple of other benefits I have experienced from the protocol include improved sleep, energy and eyesight.

I have found Johnny to be down to earth, and a genuine good bloke who cares about his patients. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone suffering from a mental health or chronic physical health issue to give Johnny a call and see if he can help you like he has helped me, because as in my experience there’s always the chance it doesn’t have to be something you have to learn to live with. As of this moment I am 5 months into the 9 month treatment protocol that Johnny has put together for me, so far the benefits have exceeded my expectations and I look forward to further improvement and with renewed hope for the future.
Date of Posting: 11 May 2017
Posted By: N.C.
Canberra ACT
Brooke Snow I want to give you a hug!

A few weeks ago I had a skype consult with Johnny Atman. We reviewed a lot of my history, symptoms and lab tests. He made some suggestions that might be beneficial based on the above. He also appears to have a very strong understanding of epigentics. That really had my interest!

I've suffered most of my life with severe anxiety (as well as constant generalized anxiety), panic, agoraphobia and depression.

One of the supps that was recommended was 500 mg of L-ornithine. I had never heard of L-ornithine before so I ran it by my primary care doc (integrated MD) and he said that's fine and in fact I can even take 500 mg 2x a day if needed!

After about 2 days on the L-ornithine the anxiety was gone! I mean really gone! I was afraid to speak too soon because I thought I might be imagining it.

But today I tested it out and drove 20+ miles to see a famous Chinese acupuncturist that I wanted to meet for some time.
And I did it with zero anxiety! I have not driven that far in years! I was completely relaxed and I couldn't believe it!

I knew I had sulffuration pathway issues but this is how I think understand it based on what I was told/shown:

Part of the reason for this is that a mutated ASL gene may not be able to form arginine and fumarate properly. This could lead to a buildup of ammonia in the blood, leading to anxiety.

Also. a mutated ARG1 gene may not be able to form a stable arginase enzyme. This also can cause a build up of ammonia and arginine in the body!

I was also told this...

//Variants in PEMT can impede choline production. Choline is needed by the liver and brain. PEMT variants have been tied to fatty liver. When there are PEMT variants, use CBS/BHMT with meals.

//And the CBS variants, (especially the CBS C699T), will cause homocysteine to rush downstream too quickly, potentially causing high glutamate and ammonia.

Of course there can be other reasons for the high anxiety - maybe not just the ammonia - such as H. Pylori, candida etc - but all I know so far is that I feel SO much better!

I've got a long way to go to improve my health in other areas, but by far, this is an amazing beginning!

Thank you Brooke, for sharing your own experience so others could find some hope. ❤️️
Date of Posting: 25 April 2017
Posted By: B.E.
Had a session with Johnny Atman the other day and he was able to pinpoint some issues other practitioners did not dig deep enough to find. He found that my SOD snps were functioning at just 17%! What this means is a build-up of a chemical called peroxynitrite which causes severe oxidative stress. I've known for a while now that I've had oxidative stress issues, but thought it was from my methylation snps. However, I've been taking methylation snps for several years and while they brought down some of the oxidative stress, I've still had a lot remaining.

He was also able to tell me why I basically live off lecithin and why it helps so much - I have homozygous snps for all of my PEMT genes. PEMT is the gene the body uses to make phosphatidylcholine. Mine is basically not working at all.

Johnny's analysis explained so much of what is going on and where on the genome these problems are happening. If you aren't recognizing the snps I mentioned, it's because Johnny has had training to understand 600 snps, not just methylation snps.

For those of us who aren't getting completely well by addressing methylation issues alone I highly recommend him!!

He's definitely the next step in the health puzzle for me and I'm excited to start treating the snps that he found and get more of my health back :) :)

He is a a very caring, knowledgeable, and understanding person and I consider him a close friend. We've been talking online since he joined this group. Just a very quality person. Thank you Johnny for the help you are offering the difficult cases. I share your love of people and your desire help them heal, so everything you do for the people in my group I greatly appreciate .
Date of Posting: 10 April 2017
Posted By: B.S.
Berry Springs MI USA

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