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Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

Letter from client's carer, diagnosed with schizophrenia:
"Dear Johnny,
You asked me to give you a little vignette about D.... and how his treatment has improved his life. Prior to his commencing on the protocol prescribed by you, each day was a nightmare punctuated by crisis; that's my perspective anyway. And of course D.... was living it, I was just an observer caught up in the chaos. Since starting the tablets, taylormade for him and his condition, he subjectively reports feeling normal. Praise God, he needs no prompting to take the tablets because he obviously knows they make him feel good/better/normal. From a more behavioural point of view, he has become more involved with a few Churches and he is actually doing some pro bono plumbing work for them. I don't remember him doing any plumbing work (oh, maybe once) since I met him. Also he is/has organised himself to attend a homeless person's lunch and play music there (Gospel music) each Friday. There is a long way to go and considering his age and the years of drug/alcohol use, his recovery may never be complete but I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to help what I consider a remarkable improvement. God Bless you Johnny, G.B.
Date of Posting: 17 December 2016
Posted By: G.B
Moorland NSW
Hello Mr.Atman,

I am happy to report that me and my daughter are better, especially my daughter who had been disappointed with the medical model of intervention.
While we were waiting for our test results for the SAME/SAH to come through we finished the first bottle of **** and started to feel better. We also run out of multivitamin/mineral (which is supposed to be taken with ****, so we are waiting to see you soon to get some more supplements. In the meantime, I was taking Eagle's Activated B and +++++ was taking Jarrows B-right. She took a turn for the better. I'm so pleased! Can't wait to see finally whether she is overmethylating or not?

We are also religiously taking the +++++++ powder according to our body weight. I can't say I can feel much more energy though at the moment. Well, I'm trying to recover from a bad sinus infection, so that will skew the results. I wanted to alert you to the fact that the ++++++ bulk powder we got from you was slightly out of date (9.August) - see attachment. I called the manufacturing company and they said it is safe to take it for some time after 'best before date', but it will take us ages to get through that big bag. Maybe you can check if you still have some left from that same batch and make sure you get fresh ones next time?!

I would also like to have the analysis of my 23andme done. Both me and my daughter are looking forward to continuing the treatment with you.
Date of Posting: 03 November 2016
Posted By: M.B
Gladstone QLD
I am a 40 year old female & only 3 months ago I began seeing Johnny Atman. He diagnosed me with undermethylation & genetic mutations as well as some GI tract bacteria. For as long as I can remember daily life was a struggle for me. This was due to anxiety, depression, digestion issues, exhaustion & inability to cope with stress. I started down the road of natural health about 2.5 years old & have seen numerous practitioners, which involved travelling up to 8 hours one way as I live in remote NSW. It was frustrating not getting results & not feeling any better. I came across Dr Atman through a fb page & he does Skype sessions which was a great relief for me. Through Dr Atman’s indepth testing he conducted, his knowledge & treatment protocol I can finally say I’m making progress & feel the best I’ve done in a very, very, long time!. This testimonial is to express my deepest gratitude to Dr Atman, thank you for giving me a life again. I believe that seeing him is one of the best steps towards healing I've taken.
Date of Posting: 23 October 2016
Posted By: E,J.
Cobar NSW
"From email to compounding Pharmacist"

Dear George,

Thank you on behalf of David. And thank you for the list of ingredients. Haley said that Dr Atman had prescribed a slightly different composition. What you have attached, is that the last compounded prescription or the newer one? It would be helpful for me to have details of both if you wouldn’t mind.

David is feeling so much better. You have contributed to changing his life for the better. I can’t tell you how grateful we are. God bless you.

Kindest regards,


G. S.
Date of Posting: 21 October 2016
Posted By: D.Walker
Taree NSW
I have joined the group not long ago and wanted to share my story, I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease at the age 27 and was put on steroid, vioxx, Celebrex and then methotrexate medications nothing seemed to work and then I started to research into natural alternative and found naturopaths to which they were able to help me get off the medication, I was able to manage the condition without the medication, however when I had my 3rd baby at the age of 33 I was constantly tired, depressed and was in constant panic and I would go to the doctors and they would say it's because of your auto immune disease and because all my blood work would come back normal they would put it down to being all in my head, I was so disheartened that my doctor didn't understand how real these symptoms were to me and to hear that I was shocked. I did change doctors who were able to have an open mind.

However during that time I saw numerous naturopaths and they tried to help but they would just scratch their heads because nothing seemed to work and I become a complex case to them and I was losing hope and accepted my faith that maybe I'm meant to suffer, but that wasn't the case until recently when I joined the Pyroluria group and I happened to see someone recommend a practitioner by the name Johnny Atman from and I have to say that it was a miracle and I'm forever grateful who ever posted his details on the Pyroluria group because on the first consultation I had with him, he was able to explain to me why nothing seemed to work and not to mention the amount of knowledge he has about these stuff was extraordinary.

Johnny was also educating me at the same time about my conditions.How many naturopaths do you know that does that for you. I can genuinely say that he cares for his patients and wants to help, he also decided to ordered specific tests that I had to do and yes they were expensive but worth it, he wanted to know the exact cause for my conditions and avoid the guessing game.

Recently I got my tests back and when he called me to tell me that he knew exactly why I was experiencing these things, I could not be happier because we had an answer to my problems and he was able to put together the right protocol for me. If anyone is not getting results from what they are doing, please don't continue to suffer, give Jonny Atman a call and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed , because he is an extraordinary Practitioner that will be able to solve complex cases as he was able to solve mine when no one else was able to.
Date of Posting: 24 August 2016
Posted By: F.R.

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