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"From email to compounding Pharmacist"

Dear George,

Thank you on behalf of David. And thank you for the list of ingredients. Haley said that Dr Atman had prescribed a slightly different composition. What you have attached, is that the last compounded prescription or the newer one? It would be helpful for me to have details of both if you wouldn’t mind.

David is feeling so much better. You have contributed to changing his life for the better. I can’t tell you how grateful we are. God bless you.

Kindest regards,


G. S.
Date of Posting: 21 October 2016
Posted By: D.Walker
Taree NSW
I have joined the group not long ago and wanted to share my story, I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease at the age 27 and was put on steroid, vioxx, Celebrex and then methotrexate medications nothing seemed to work and then I started to research into natural alternative and found naturopaths to which they were able to help me get off the medication, I was able to manage the condition without the medication, however when I had my 3rd baby at the age of 33 I was constantly tired, depressed and was in constant panic and I would go to the doctors and they would say it's because of your auto immune disease and because all my blood work would come back normal they would put it down to being all in my head, I was so disheartened that my doctor didn't understand how real these symptoms were to me and to hear that I was shocked. I did change doctors who were able to have an open mind.

However during that time I saw numerous naturopaths and they tried to help but they would just scratch their heads because nothing seemed to work and I become a complex case to them and I was losing hope and accepted my faith that maybe I'm meant to suffer, but that wasn't the case until recently when I joined the Pyroluria group and I happened to see someone recommend a practitioner by the name Johnny Atman from and I have to say that it was a miracle and I'm forever grateful who ever posted his details on the Pyroluria group because on the first consultation I had with him, he was able to explain to me why nothing seemed to work and not to mention the amount of knowledge he has about these stuff was extraordinary.

Johnny was also educating me at the same time about my conditions.How many naturopaths do you know that does that for you. I can genuinely say that he cares for his patients and wants to help, he also decided to ordered specific tests that I had to do and yes they were expensive but worth it, he wanted to know the exact cause for my conditions and avoid the guessing game.

Recently I got my tests back and when he called me to tell me that he knew exactly why I was experiencing these things, I could not be happier because we had an answer to my problems and he was able to put together the right protocol for me. If anyone is not getting results from what they are doing, please don't continue to suffer, give Jonny Atman a call and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed , because he is an extraordinary Practitioner that will be able to solve complex cases as he was able to solve mine when no one else was able to.
Date of Posting: 24 August 2016
Posted By: F.R.
I am only three days in on my journey with Johnny and will update as I go, but feel it's worth making comment now.

After spending the last 2.5 years working with different Naturopaths, Chinese Medicine/Detox, Nutritional Balancing Science Practitioner, Integrative GP, GP's, Kinesiologist, Psychologist, and a few others, who have all been helpful in my journey to this point....... but then I was guided to Johnny, who is now supporting me with the transition back to the real me, my true nature.

Now that I look back I have experienced a lot of my symptoms most of my life but the larger shift came in 2013, about 7 months after having my daughter. It first started with just physical symptoms then moved into emotional/mental symptoms. Then on the 1 February 2016, started, I awoke at 1am in a panic, paced my house being terrified of something, that at the time, I had no idea about. This panic/anxiety did not stop 24/7, insomnia, heighten emotions, feelings of terror, depression, childhood/teenage/young adulthood memories pouring out day/night. My brain would not shut down, sleep was not happening, I was losing weight, frighten of the people who loved me, my brain felt like it moved when I moved and it had a tight band around it, I was struggling to cope with everyday life and most of all I felt like I was losing connection with my beautiful husband and daughter. Basically I got to a point that I was terrified that I was going *%#@, well I will not use that word anymore, but let's say mind boggling stuff!

I already understood a fair bit about high levels of heavy metals, copper toxicity, oestrogen, etc. and had lots of test done. And the protocol/s that I was on was not making much of a dent, everyone would say it will be at least 3 months before my sleep comes back or that I will see a difference. Lots of different supplements, costing a lot of money. I did experience a softening of my experience but deep down I knew there was something else that needed to be done.

Johnny really listened to my story, he highlighted a lot of relevant information and we got the tests underway. Two weeks after doing test, the results showed high copper/oestrogen/histamines. Adrenal fatigue, MTHFR gene mutation and I am undermethylating. We used my previous hair analysis as it was quite recent, which we already knew of the elevated levels of mercury, cadmium, arsenic, bromide.

Monday 25/7/2016, I collected my first round of supplements from the compound chemist - one bottle, with a mixture suited for me. I am starting with one tablet morning and night, and will progress to two morning and night. Tuesday, 26/7/2016 am I took my first tablet and by 9am I felt my spirit lift for the first time since I came remember. Now by Thursday 28/7/2016, that strange feeling in brain and tight band around my head has gone. I am starting to feel gentle and the most beautiful feeling of love radiated through me today!!

I know that this journey will take some time but to experience a snippet so quickly, has been awesome!

I truly believe this has been a physical, emotional and spiritual journey - and I have been working at all levels. I feel a great sense of relief that Johnny speaks from life experience, expertise/knowledge and wisdom. The small amount of time with have spent together, has instilled a feeling of comfort and belief that I am and I will!

Johnny has genuine care about the wellbeing of others and takes the time to explain and support you through the process.

Thank you, Johnny
Date of Posting: 28 July 2016
Posted By: J.S
Upper Caboolture
I found Johnny after being diagnosed with schizophrenia, deppression and anxiety 12 months ago. I was perscribed medication that brought upon many side effects that I really hated and actually made things worse. After making the decision to find an alternative treatment, I researched Orthomolecular Nutrition and found Johnny's website. Johnny has conducted pathology tests that showed I was undermethylated, with high free copper levels and high pyrolles. It's only been a few weeks now of Orthomolecular protocol and I am already feeling the benefits, as my memory is improving, my concentration is getting better and the fog is lifting off my brain. My anxiety is getting less and less, I can work now and sometimes I smile and I have not been able to smile in years. I feel like myself now, I am able to recognise who I am, not like a shadow of who I was.
I am grateful to have found Johnny! I look forward to the future, and overcoming my deppresion and anxiety thanks to Johnny. I would recommend Johnny to anyone who is going through a similar situation.
Date of Posting: 11 July 2016
Posted By: C.A.
8 Mile Plains, Qld
I came across Johnny after extensive research and what seemed like a never ending search to find someone to properly diagnose my conditions and commence a specialised treatment suited to me.
I was diagnosed with endometriosis in my mid 20's after a decade of excruciating pain. I was relieved to finally have a diagnosis and as frightening as it was, I was also hopeful that the scheduled surgery would solve all my issues. Part of the post operation preventative treatment was to be injected with Depo Provera injections every 12 weeks. This seemed to work initially (now i know that it wasn't because of the medication but as the painful endometriosis was removed) but then I started having negative side effects like acne on my back, weight gain, anxiety and no interest or motivation in anything. After stopping the injections I suffered from chronic headaches and migraines. I was even diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and it took 9 months for my menstrual cycle to return to normal normal.
After going to see endless doctors, specialists, naturopaths, nutritionist, iridologists, homeopaths (trust me, I've tried everything and seen everyone). I was scheduled for my second more complicated endometriosis surgery last year. Again post treatment care consisted of the contraceptive pill to be taken consecutively for 3 months at a time. After having side effects again that included weight gain, anxiety, depression, panic attacks and just not having a rational thought process.
I was so desperate to find out what was going on with me and why it was all happening! My concern now was not only my physical health but also my emotional wellbeing.
I'm happy to report that Johnny took the time to get my full medical history and ran appropriate tests in order to establish a true diagnosis and my treatment is based on these findings. I'm undermethylated and have extremely high levels of copper in my body (as a result of a combination of years of contraceptive medication and incorrect diet etc).
I'm 3 months into my treatment and my partner and I can already see a drastic change in me. I haven't had any panic attacks, I'm not anxious any more. I'm more positive and look forward to the future!
Johnny has a scientific approach to the physical treatment side of things but his compassionate and genuine approach to your psychological and emotional wellbeing is something that I haven't come across yet, even from a psychologist.
So in conclusion, having someone like Johnny, that can offer a specific treatment and simultaneously treat you physically and also psychologically would be an advantage to anyone! I'm really glad that I found him, he is extremely knowledgeable and approachable. He is so dedicated and sincere about helping people!
Date of Posting: 25 May 2016
Posted By: I.M.
Brisbane, Qld.

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