What is Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis?

 A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is a tissue mineral biopsy meaning it uses hair as the sample tissue to measure your levels of over 20 minerals and toxic metals. It provides great insight into your mineral status and overall health.

Why Measure Minerals?

A minerals function ranges from providing structural support in the formation of bones and teeth, to maintaining acid-base balance, nerve conduction, muscle function and much more. They are needed for millions of enzymes as co-factors, facilitators, inhibitors and as part of the enzymes themselves. Minerals play a great role in the running of and health of our bodies.

Minerals in adequate amounts are essential for optimal health and well being except, too much or too little of a mineral leads to toxicity or deficiency within the body and a loss of health and wellness as well. Just like you are in relationship with your partner, work colleagues or kids your minerals are in relationship with each other. TOO MUCH or TOO LITLE RELATIVE to another is proving to be just as important (perhaps more) than their individual levels. Toxic metals also have a negative effect on our mineral levels and need to be measured and assessed when dealing with health in the 21st century. 

At the end of the day we need to measure. Taking a broad spectrum multi-vitamin is extremely unlikely to address an individual's unique levels and needs and could very well slow your progress. Guessing with individual supplements can lead to toxicity or continued deficiency as well.

Measure first, take corrective action and then retest is a huge reason to use HTMA.

Why use Hair?

Hair makes an excellent biopsy material for many reasons:

  1. Sampling is simple and non-invasive.
  2. Mineral levels in the hair are about ten times that of blood, making them easy to detect and measure accurately.
  3. Hair is a fairly rapidly growing tissue.
  4. Toxic metals are easier to detect in the hair that the blood.
  5. Hair testing gives a three month history of time, blood an instantaneous reading. Both are valuable but you must use the right test at the right time. You wouldn't have a blood test when you need an x-ray to assess a broken leg would you?
  6. It is cost-effective, accurate and reliable.
  7. The American Environmental Protection Agency has accepted HTMA as an effective means for monitoring of toxic heavy metals

Benefits That a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Can Reveal

  • Specific diet and supplement recommendations (take away the guessing)
  • Mineral deficiencies and imbalances
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • Metabolic type (rate).
  • Stress and its effect on energy and health
  • Screening for disease trends (prevention and early detection)
  • Cellular energy levels
  • Insight into the biochemistry of most diseases

How to Prepare and Cut the Hair

Step by Step Instructions:

1. Sampling

Hair should be clean and dry when it is being sampled. The sample should be taken between four and twenty four hours after washing. If the hair is dyed or bleached ensure it has been washed at least 5 times prior to sampling. If dyed, it is best to take a sample just BEFORE you get it treated.

2. Sample Location

Head hair is to be taken from the nape of the neck only as shown in the illustration below.

3. Cutting a sample

Comb and lift a section of hair as illustrated.

Either pin or clip the section or have the person hold it up out of the way. Separate a smaller section as shown in the photo and video and cut the hair off as close to the scalp as possible with CLEAN scissors. Use only the 3cm of hair that was closest to the scalp and discard the rest of the hair if it is long.

4. Weighing the sample

Set up the provided card weight scale, following the instructions printed on it. Placing the small samples inside the circle on the card, continue sampling until the scale tips, indicating that there is approximately 125mgs in the total sample. Once the sample is taken put the hair into the provided sampling envelope.

5. Mailing the sample

From Australia Post an International Express Post envelope can be purchased to send the sample. This is highly recommended as ordinary mail significantly lengthens the time it takes to get the results back.


 True test results below of a client.