Animal proteins contain an amino acid histidine, which the body can convert to histamine.
(Provided the conversion systems are in good working order - all components are present).
Histamine increases saliva production - washes the oral cavity and keeps it free of bacteria. As a result, there are fewer cavities.

Histamine is a molecule that is found in the blood. In the brain (synapsis of neurons)  the same molecule acts as a neurotransmitter.

Clinical Characteristics
High achiever - Self motivated through school - High achiever before illness - Strong willed - High motivation - High libido - High energy - Addictive behaviour - Calm demeanour - High inner tension - Low pain tolerance - Sparse hair growth - Family history - Catatonic psychosis - Delusional - Phobias - Diagnoses of OCD/ODD - Frequent headaches - Difficult transitions - Denial of illness - Non compliance - Social isolation - Ruminations regarding past - Heat intolerant - Seasonal allergies

    High histamine
    Low Zinc
    Low copper
    High basophil count
    Low homocysteine
    High heavy metals on hair analysis

UNDERMETHEYLATION:Medication Reactions
    Adverse reactions to benzodiazepines
    Good response antihistamines
    Adverse reaction B complex vitamins
    Good response SSRIs except terrible side effects

UNDERMETHYLATION: Supplements & Improvements
    Vitamin C, vitamin B6, P5P, Zinc, Methionine, SAMe, Calcium, Magnesium

   8 to 12 months

Treatment: specially formulated compounding formula from compunding pharnacy.




The Methylation Cycle and Mental Health

Active gene sequences are undermethylated

Methylation: the body's Alchemical wizardry

Orthomolecular Treatment Response



Little or no hair

Good teeth

Second toe longer

Thin lean body