Our Clinician is certified in 23andme analysis, with one of the foremost experts in nutrigenetics from the United States.
We have unprecedented access to the software that combines clusters of genes, unlike using individual genes which is a dangerous exercise at best.
samples from a true client reading.

Rather than suppress a symptom, our analysis is focused on finding either a ‘nutrient deficiency’ or an excess of a 'molecule that is toxic or harmful to the body.'  Poor diet, environmental toxins, and genetic variants cause an increase in these harmful toxic or harmful molecules....better known as the 'good guys' and the 'bad guys.'  These findings are related to your DNA.


THE GOOD GUYS  (BOOST your immune system)

THE BAD GUYS  (REDUCE your immune system)

-Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)





-Nitric Oxide





-Balanced Neurotransmitters

-Excess Glutamate



-Superoxide - Free Radical

-NOS Uncoupling





-Oxidized iron

It’s a very in-depth report customized to your specific needs. Our 23andme report is easy to understand, series of detailed reports that will assess, analyze, and design targeted nutrition and support on an individualized basis. These reports include the following:

• Gene Analysis

• Enzyme Analysis

• Patient SNP Report

• Customized Supplement Report

• Plus, a 1 hour phone/Skype consult

Histamine cluster.
 Folate clusters. Note that even though the MTHFR genes C677T and A1298C are normal, folate is not being converted at normal rates.
 MAO A, COMT. Notice that the Serotonin clearing is only at 28%, and COMT at 63%, issues with excess neurotransmitters. Overmethylated?
 Methionine cycle. Note that genes are clustered as they affect each other.

There are over 60 pages in the above report.   You can see which SNPs you have and how many. You will see how your pathway functionality might be compromised by the number of SNPs you have from each parent.  We are looking at genetic groups and patterns; inclusive of your lab tests, your symptoms and your 23 and Me raw genetic data.  We upload all this information and then you will receive the 5 reports mentioned above.  We determine what 'nutritional deficiencies' and/or what 'toxicities' may be harming your body.  We will suggest specific supplements that will help you feel better.  This way you are targeting the areas where you need the most help and not taking supplements that you don't need.  Your supplement and nutritional plan is specifically customized to your body. During your consult, you will learn which supplements will support you and which may be compromising your health.  You'll learn what nutritional and lifestyle changes to make in order to optimize your well being!  Here are the genetic groups we review in your report during the consult:

 -Impact of Gut Health and Digestion
-Krebs Cycle (production of Acetyl-CoA and ATP)
-Detoxification Capacity (Phase 1 and 2 of Liver Detox and more)
-Folate Creation and Pathways
-Methionine Cycle
-Transsulfuration Pathway
-Neurotransmitters (Serotonin, Dopamine, Glutamate, GABA)
-BH4 Cycle, Nitric Oxide and Peroxynitrite (inflammation) Estimates
-Vitamin D, Cell Membrane, Intestinal Bacteria, SHBG, Cardiovascular, and Iron
-DNA Repair
-Urea Cycle
-Impact of Exercise and Fitness Potential
-Electrical Sensitivity (EMFs, or the newer term EMRs)

The price for the 23andme interpretation is affordable, at $150 dollars AUD, much less than the $700 dollars that other practitioners charge.

Call the clinic when you decide that it is time for you to get results.